This page was exported from Braindump2go New Tests and Exams (PDF and VCE) [ ] Export date:Tue Nov 19 1:07:24 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [New CLO-001 Dumps]Braindump2go 282Q CLO-001 VCE Download[262-272] --------------------------------------------------- 2018/August Braindump2go CompTIA CLO-001 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated! Following are some new CLO-001 Real Exam Questions:1.|2018 Latest CLO-001 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 282Q&As Download:|2018 Latest CLO-001 Exam Questions & Answers Download: 262The IT department is planning the migration of their customer billing database to an external cloud provider. They have resolved most technical concerns but are worried about data interception between the cloud and branch offices. Which of the following is the BEST way to address this concern?A. Design, build and test a robust security access programB. Encrypt the databaseC. Encrypt the data streamD. Use certificate services for database accessAnswer: CQUESTION 263Which of the following is common to both cloud and outsourcing?A. Dependence on third-party IT resourcesB. Increased CAPEXC. Decreased OPEXD. Avoidance of IT-related risksAnswer: DQUESTION 264A Chief Information Officer (CIO) decides to implement a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that requires using tapes of full image backups stored remotely to recover the company's datacenter onto a virtualized environment provided by a DR site provider. In the event that such a plan is invoked, which of the following migration methods should be employed?A. Virtual to VirtualB. Physical to VirtualC. Physical to PhysicalD. Virtual to PhysicalAnswer: AQUESTION 265Which of the following is NOT among the common technical challenges for cloud computing mitigation methods?A. Industry standardsB. Cloud storageC. Application performanceD. Data integrationAnswer: CQUESTION 266Which of the following can a company's IT department implement to minimize the direct cost of an IaaS cloud solution?A. Substitute employee's desktop computers with thin clients.B. Reduce the number of provisioned servers.C. Decrease the company's Internet bandwidth.D. Trim the size of the company's IT staff.Answer: AQUESTION 267A marketing company recently migrated their internal IT infrastructure to a private cloud with automated self-service server deployment. The migration successfully reduced IT expense and provided for more streamlined development. However, the company is having issues moving non- standard systems to production and a large volume of undefined tickets are going to the IT operations team. Which of the following could BEST help the company move to a more stable environment?A. Migration of the Service Operations framework to a third partyB. Adoption of common development toolsC. Adoption of the ITIL framework for their IT infrastructureD. Migration of the operations team to a hybrid cloudAnswer: CQUESTION 268Which of the following is an aspect of design services within ITIL?A. Ensuring impact is minimized on new servicesB. New or changed servicesC. Defining Six Sigma as the standard for securityD. Establishing or maintaining integrityAnswer: BQUESTION 269Which of the following is the key differentiator between a SaaS and a PaaS cloud delivery model?A. PaaS implements a chargeback model to maximize return on investment, while SaaS uses direct cost allocation when invoicing customers.B. SaaS implements abstraction at the software level, while PaaS implements virtualization of the underlying hardware platform.C. PaaS mostly tailors to private industries, while SaaS offers services to the private and public sector, as well as individuals.D. SaaS only provides access to applications, while PaaS enables developers to test and debug the application.Answer: BQUESTION 270An entrepreneur just purchased three new fully populated datacenters from a failed bank. The datacenters are in different states. All three datacenters have excellent network bandwidth and were designed to provide a large volume of virtualized servers for the bank. The entrepreneur wants to start a cloud-based company and needs to define a business plan. Which of the following cloud services is the BEST choice for the entrepreneur to pursue?A. IT as a ServiceB. Software as a ServiceC. Platform as a ServiceD. Infrastructure as a ServiceAnswer: CQUESTION 271Which of the following skills is LEAST important when considering moving to a public computing environment?A. Data integrationB. SecurityC. Project managementD. Hardware managementAnswer: DQUESTION 272A small software development startup is looking at the cloud as a way to quickly deploy and interconnect a large number of servers. The startup will deploy a VPN and other dedicated servers to maintain control of the security configurations. Which of the following cloud offerings is best suited for the startup?A. IaaSB. SaaSC. BPaaSD. 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