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A.    With vPC, the two switches operate as a single device.B.    With vPC, the two switches operate as individual devices.C.    With VSS, the two switches operate as individual devices.D.    With VSS, the two switches operate as a single device.E.    VSS eliminates the need to implement a FHRP.F.    vPC eliminates the need to implement a FHRP.G.    With vPC, the peer keep-alive link also carries user traffic.H.    With VSS, heartbeat links also carries user traffic. Answer: BDE QUESTION 122Which four features are included in Cisco DCNM for SAN Essential Edition? (Choose four.) A.    real-time performance monitoringB.    configuration backupC.    device managerD.    configuration analysis toolsE.    continuous health and event monitoringF.    historical performance monitoringG.    tools for network diagnostics and troubleshootingH.    management of multiple fabrics Answer: ACDG QUESTION 123Which two devices should you recommend to implement at the ToR in your data center design for access layer connectivity? (Choose two.) A.    Cisco Nexus 2000 SeriesB.    Cisco Nexus 3000 SeriesC.    Cisco Nexus 4000 SeriesD.    Cisco Nexus 5500 SeriesE.    Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Answer: AD QUESTION 124Which three options are benefits of using a modular approach during the design of a data center? (Choose three.) A.    improves data center designB.    slower deploymentC.    increases efficiency and responsivenessD.    reduced operations flexibilityE.    reducing overall capital expendituresF.    increasing operating expensesG.    low density and high power use effectiveness Answer: ACE QUESTION 125Which three parameters are unaffected by the values on the port channel when the interface joins a port channel? (Choose three.) A.    descriptionB.    bandwidthC.    Cisco Discovery ProtocolD.    LACP port priorityE.    MAC addressF.    Spanning Tree ProtocolG.    service policy Answer: ACD QUESTION 126Which two important benefits result from deploying Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switches in a top-of-rack access layer design? (Choose two.) A.    increased fault toleranceB.    improved server densityC.    improved power distributionD.    simpler logical densityE.    simpler logical topology Answer: CE QUESTION 127Which statement about the Cisco Adapter FEX feature on the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is true? A.    Cisco Adapter FEX is a software feature that can be configured on any Cisco Network Assistant as long as the Nexus 5000 is running a version of code that supports Adapter FEX.B.    Packets on each channel are tagged with an 801.Q header that has a specific source VIF.C.    Cisco Adapter FEX can be thought of as a way to divide a single physical link into multiple virtual links or channels.D.    When using a dual-homed NIC on the server, active/standby is not supported. Only active/active is supported. Answer: C QUESTION 128What is the purpose of the Cisco UCS TCO/ROI Advisor tool? A.    to design the components of Cisco UCS solutionB.    to compare an existing environment to a Cisco UCS solution from a cost prospectiveC.    to measure the current system workloads across various elements of the IT infrastructureD.    to plan for system capacity optimization through detailed utilization analysis Answer: B QUESTION 129Which Cisco UCS Fabric Extenders provide up to 160 Gbps of bandwidth to the Cisco UCS chassis? A.    UCS 2208XPB.    UCS 2204XPC.    UCS 2104XPD.    UCS 2108XP Answer: A QUESTION 130Which statement about Cisco UCS Pass-Through Switching is true? A.    Cisco UCS PTS requires a license.B.    Cisco UCS PTS requires that VMDirectPath is enabled.C.    Inter-VM traffic is sent through the hypervisor switch.D.    Cisco UCS PTS allows the management of the virtual network and configuration of virtual ports to be handled within UCS Manager. Answer: D QUESTION 131Which statement about Cisco UCS power cap groups is true? A.    Servers within a single Cisco UCS chassis can be part of multiple power cap groups.B.    Multiple Cisco UCS chassis cannot be part of a single power cap group.C.    Cisco UCS incorporates power cap information in the service profile that is associated with a server.D.    Cisco UCS power capping technology can provision power based on theoretical server maximums rather than on actual usage. 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